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Wrench used by plumber in Salem, Oregon When your boiler breaks down on a cold winter night or you have no water on a hot summer day, call Salem Plumbing for a helping hand. We're available twenty four hours a day and we're here in the neighborhood so we can be there fast. We can bring warmth or water back to your home in no time.

Salem Plumbers do emergency assistance and installation services for Salem, Keizer and Independence. If you're building a new addition or replacing an old fixture, tub, sink or toilet, we have trained professional plumbers who can do the job for you. Each of our plumbers is prepared for any situation with the proper tools and quality replacement parts.

Salem Plumbing is the number one choice to be your community plumber. Our seasoned technicians have been providing service to your friends and neighbors and we hope to be able to do the same for you. Don't wait for that cold winter night or hot summer day. We do preventative maintenance to make sure that things like that don't happen. Call us today.

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Specializing in Quick Drain Cleaning

clogged drain before a cleaning by our Salem plumbing team.A clogged drain can quickly throw a wrench into your day. The good news is that our Salem plumbers are prepared to help you throw that wrench right back at it. With a little help from our drain snakes and hydro-jetters, we can help you wipe out the toughest clogged drains in minutes, without harming your pipes. So forget about plunging your toilet or pouring any of those nasty chemical cleaners down the tub drain. Just give our drain clearing team a call and your job is as good as done.

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Our Plumbing Services include the installation, repair, and replacement of:

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